Electric Car Chargers

An EV charging station is a device that supplies power to recharge the battery for an electric vehicle.
When you purchase your electric vehicle you will either be provided with an EV charging station or a cord you can plug into your wall.  Whether you need a receptacle or a level 2 charging station, we have you covered. Our estimator will come to your home to assess your needs and find the best way to make it happen, and provide a free estimate for the installation.
We are here to make this as quick and painless as possible to ensure you get the power you need for your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.
Types of EV charging stations we install:
Level 1 charger - (120V) This is a slower charging method that usually will plug into a regular 15A receptacle.
Level 2 charger – (240V) This is most commonly a charging station that can either be hardwired or plug into a dryer or stove receptacle and is a much faster way to charge your vehicle.  These can range from 30-70A depending on the vehicles make and model.

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