Aluminum or K and T Replacement  


Aluminum Wiring

Recently there has been an increased concern over the safety of aluminum wiring throughout a home.
Homeowners of these homes are finding that many insurers will not provide or renew insurance coverage on these properties unless the wiring is inspected and either repaired or replaced.
This is because aluminum wiring easily and frequently overheats causing the conductors to expand, this can lead to loose connections, arcing, melting, and eventually fire.
Discolored switches and receptacles, warm cover plates and flickering lights may be a sign this is occurring. With aluminum wiring you have 2 options; repair or replacement.
Replacing the aluminum wiring requires completely removing the aluminum wiring throughout the house and replacing it with copper cable.
While this option is the more costly of the two (aluminum can’t be a problem if it’s not there) it is also the most effective option and can increase the value of your home.
Repairing the aluminum wiring uses a copper tail and a special marrette that prevents oxidization between the two metals for each termination and allows for the copper to connect to each device, since copper is sturdier and doesn’t have the same issues that aluminum wiring does the connections to the devices will stay solid and safe. This option is a relatively inexpensive option then replacement and offers the same safety benefits.

Knob & Tube

Homes built before 1955 are very likely to have knob and tube wiring and though it was state of the art at the time, it is now considered dangerous by most insurance companies.
Why is K&T wiring so dangerous?

It is a two stranded system (only using one hot and one neutral wire)
meaning it uses no ground wire. When a fault occurs there is no
protection to you or your home. Shocks and fires can easily result
from faults caused by knob and tube wiring.

It uses sheathing for insulation which can disintegrate easily over time.
This leaves the conductors bare and increases the rick of shock and fire.
Modern wiring uses much better insulation materials that last longer
and are much safer.

Older systems that use K&T wiring also use two-prong receptacles,
restricting the use of appliances and electronics in your home. Since
there is no ground wire, there is an increased chance of shock and
injury, especially around areas where water is prevalent. Kitchens and
bathrooms are especially at risk.

With knob and tube wiring there isn’t any good option other than replacement, and though it can be costly to rewire your home, the benefits of safety to your home and family as well as resale value heavily outweigh them.

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